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I am sure you are interested to know who this photographer is, by clicking the link before.

I am just me,myself. ( Craps!)

Living in a small city, Miri from the first day I was born till now, I used to love expressing my artistic view through my pen and pencil. Till the year of 2010 when I first picked up a DSLR – D90 with the most basic kit lens, I tended to shoot everything I like I can (I guess that’s normal phenomena to every DSLR beginner.). From that moment on, my camera was my only tool that expressed art.

After 1 year, I sold my D90 kit, invested lump sum of money for better gear, made my journey into portrait photography and did a lot of outings with friends. Throughout the journey I learnt a lot of things, not just the technical knowledge but also the model posing, framing, composition and so on which contributed to fine image quality. Of course, advanced post-processing skills using Capture NX2, Photoshop CS5 and Lightroom 4 were something that I went after since Day 1.

Am I a full time photographer? Answer is No. I work as a Mechanical Engineer. But that doesn’t matter at all. Standing in front of you with my gear, I am sure we come to talk anything about photography but not mechanical design stuff or projects or etc.

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