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presented photograph by Mikel Galicia

David Earl Chinnock

PhotoShelter template: East
Location: Boston, Massachusetts
Niche and history: I’m located in the Boston location and also have a business in Lowell, MA. Our academic history was located in writing and art work photography, and that I traveled extensively for 15 decades residing in China, Italy, Ireland and Turkey. Nonetheless, my niche can be a mixture of lifestyle and food photography. I worked within the cafe company for around 15 decades prior to going fulltime with photography; my enthusiasm can be a mixture of generating professional nevertheless natural-feeling symbolism for restaurants, nonprofits and colleges. I also provide another wedding and face photography company named LoveDays Photography.

What jobs are you currently taking care of?
Presently I’m taking care of my first combination lifestyle, journey and cooking cookbook using a top cafe on Nantucket Area. We’re within the process of assembling a reasonably comprehensive mockup. I used to be just-out there the final two nights in a few quite freezing New England springtime temperature, as much as my joints in cold water to produce some beachside cooking and food pictures. The idea is right up my street since I’ve this kind of good working partnership using the cooking and we’re adding area existence, oyster expanding, wine coupling therefore a lot more in to the history. It’s a great task to be always a a part of, and that I am wanting it contributes to comparable chances.

© Wayne Earl Chinnock

© David Earl Chinnock

Yvonne Renee Boyd

PhotoShelter template: Downtown
Location: Atlanta, GA
Niche and history: I’m a superb craft and professional shooter using a concentrate on conditions and areas. Our art work photography is blackandwhite and significantly subjective sometimes, and that I also enjoy capturing environmental photographs. I possessed a shop photo-lab for a decade and am a grasp printer, and so I possess a love for gorgeous images.

What jobs are you currently taking care of?
Our “Rise and Fall” collection is definitely an ongoing undertaking which I’ve been taking care of for around 10 decades today. It’s a blackandwhite subjective scenery collection all chance on the tiny area off the shore of Sc. I’m the property and water want to notify me anything there. The large tide earnings around 7-feet, and though, initially look the panorama may be seemingly a similar, it differs every day with each hold. Most of the pictures are shot within 100 metersor-so of every additional, simply at differing times of time and various climate conditions. Initially I started firing in-color and though the outcomes were gorgeous, it wasn’t just what I imagined. Once I began considering it from the blackandwhite standpoint, it visited. I had been subsequently ready to focus on formula, hues, structure, and exhibit the watch that I found. Additionally, I prefer the process of genuinely being forced to research or work with the best photograph as you don’t have any shade to depend on to maybe keep you in the purpose. For this collection I’m not enthusiastic about representing fact, but trying to represent more of the temper and emotion.

© Yvonne Renee Boyd

© Yvonne Renee Boyd

Mikel Galicia

PhotoShelter template: Horizon
Location: Houston, Colorado
Niche and history: I’m a Houston-centered media writer taking the area audio, activities and standard goings on within the metropolis, but show photography is now my niche. Our type is picture-esque with lively hues and clear skills, applying bad place and gradients while catching the performer at maximum motion.

What jobs are you currently taking care of?
After a long period of currently talking about nearby hip hop functions in Houston, I’ve created a thorough community and connection using the hotbed of skill within the metropolis, and I’m presently taking care of a picture collection offering as much painters that you can.

What’s the history behind the image? (below)
I really like this picture of SMU Mustangs wide phone Courtland Sutton as it properly encapsulates the enthusiasm and soul he performs the sport with, as he’s revealed below overcoming three defenders.

© Mikel Galicia/Star Sportswire

© Mikel Galicia

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