We’ve got a fantastic round-up of new members this month! Not only do those three photographers possess job that is good, but also the wisdom that they bring about approach and their prognosis is inspirational.

featured picture by Reza Bahrami

Hilde Foss

PhotoShelter template:-LRB-*********) East
Location:-LRB-*********) Oslo, Norway
Specialty and desktop:-LRB-*********) I am a freelance photographer with a fantastic enthusiasm for traveling. Both as a traveller and a photographer, my focus is the world — wildlife and landscape, but also the interaction of those with individuals. I am especially attracted to the planet’s south and north, and I function as a Expedition Photographer on explorer cruises to destinations like Antarctica, Svalbard, Greenland and South Georgia. I adore these areas; mystique, remoteness and the scale of it all. I feel a few of my best pictures are those where I am able to communicate some of this feeling of tranquility and calmness I locate there. Generally, I enjoy playing what is in front of me photographing; my strategy is much more ‘fishing’ than ‘hunting’ for photos, and there’s also an element of ‘grabbing the instant’ — bringing a component to the spectacle which exists only there and then — creating that special picture.

What projects are you working on?
In August I’ll be boarding MS Fram on Svalbard, for five weeks as Expedition Photographer, taking me around Svalbard, down the northeast coast of Greenland to Iceland, and across to Norway, with a couple of landings daily. It is a trip I’m looking very much forward to — the nature, the wildlife, the interaction with tourists and crew onboard the MS Fram, and finally getting to go to the world’s largest National Park in Northeast Greenland, a dream for more than 20 years.

© Hilde Foss

Reza Bahrami

PhotoShelter template:-LRB-*********) Element
Location:-LRB-*********) Los Angeles, California
Specialty and background:-LRB-*********) I can’t call myself a photographer or filmmaker. I consider myself an image maker. To me, media isn’t important; photography, documentary, promo videos …whatever it is, it has to be bold!

I make bold imagery and artistic content for companies, organizations, and people with strong personal brands. I have 15 years of experience working with agencies, TV channels, and magazines all over the world. My works are demonstrated in more than 30 countries, and I’ve helped professionals to separate themselves from mediocre competitors and picture their brand in its very best.

What are the stories behind these photos? (below)
This is Daniel, my 5-year-old son, and he hates being in front of my camera. But my approach changed . I was picky about my composition, colours, the camera’s focus, and a lot of difficulties. But this frame was taken by me .

I took this photo while I was playing with him on my bed. The sunlight coming through the window was seen by me, and I grabbed my camera and click! I didn’t take 50 frames or even devote a few hours in Adobe. The procedure of retouching took like 5 minutes, and I feel this is one.

Now my aim is to not try so hard. I believe in working hard, but there’s a difference between somebody who takes photos and somebody who attempts to take photos.

© Reza Bahrami

Josimar Senior

PhotoShelter template:-LRB-*********) East
Location:-LRB-*********) London, UK
Specialty and background:-LRB-*********) I have a degree in Environmental Biology and Media Studies and a Masters in Environmental Technology, therefore it’s reasonable to say that I don’t come from a “typical” fashion photography background. I have always had a passion for imagery and photography . I am based in London and specialize in portraiture and fashion. I aim to produce images that are timeless and bold and draw inspiration.

What’s the story behind the photo? (below)
My favourite image right now is titled Vintage and was for an editorial featuring London-based bridal dress designer Yinka Alli. I’ve seen a trend in brides opting for end but styles of wedding dresses, so I wished to cater to this clientele. The elegant pose combined with the style of the option of backdrop and the dress all give a classic feel to the image, whilst the lighting is simple but effective.

© Josimar Senior

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