(b)I grew up viewing Lynda Carter’s Wonder Woman, and it is challenging conceiving of another actor playing the role (like Hugh Jackman as Wolverine). But show, and times change, celebrities era get rebooted. So here we’re in 2017 and Wonder Woman is finally coming to the big screen with Gal Gadot at the titular role.

Gadot won the Miss Israel pageant before doing her mandatory military support for the Israel Defense Force. She credits her support with helping in casting from the Fast and Furious 21, convince manager Justin Lin. Athleticism and great looks left her a prime candidate for enjoying Diana Prince. We must also mention that Gadot did a reshoots for the film while five months pregnant, that literally leaves her a miracle of a woman.

But before we take a look at the covers, let us bask in the wonder of Lynda Carter.


Starting us off is New York-born Brian Bowen Smith that did the honors for Italy’s Io Donna magazine. Smith used a lovely light that seems like it is more or less to the lens’ axis. It is fairly high up judging from the shadow beneath the arm of Gadot. The background makes the page pops off. I enjoy the feel of the apparel which helps to divide her skin and the background’s tone.


Next up is Craig McDean for W Magazine. McDean is no stranger to this particular series, having been formerly featured because of his job with Charlize Theron. Really like the picture from the background to the clothes to make-up’s palette. The light is currently creating a bit of a impact on Gadot.

Within the journal, McDean includes a entire spread of pictures that show off his versatility. I am partial to this picture from the cover shoot. It reminds me a little Herb Ritts’ Madonna picture, but tighter and not key. However, the off-the-shoulder, the light pattern, as well as the side profile is evocative of Ritts.

Photo by Craig McDean

Photo by Herb Ritts

Verdict: Though Smith’s picture is strong, it seems generic when directly compared to McDean’s. Also I feel as if his article creation could be a modest heavy-handed on skin retouching.  

Okay, Lynda, take out us!