We’ve combined with Tether Resources for your next model of How I Obtained The Photo. Inside, 12 new photographers break up how they reached their ultimate perspective — revealing workin industrial, style, picture, automotive photography, and much more.

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Each shooter brings back the layer to walk through:

  • Behind-the-scenes movies with move-by-step course
  • Illumination set ups
  • Post-running workflows
  • Logistics and equipment

Furthermore study on a listing of photographers including Jeremy Cowart, Easton Chang, Glyn Dewis, and Brooke Mason just how to collaborate on set and relate solely to an interest in exclusive methods. 

After examining How I Obtained the Photo, you might find that there’s no-one formulation to ‘getting the shot’ – and that’s alright. As being a shooter, so when an artist, you understand that occasionally you have to crack the shape, that there’s no specific things like regulations; only tips. Above all, you’ll disappear with plenty of motivation to your next project.

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