()Fashion is frequently inspired by other civilizations. Cries of cultural appropriation are occasionally overblown, occasionally not. However at some time where oriental actors are attempting to profit equal pay while disregarding continuing racist caricatures, as well as photographer Billy Kidd within an advertorial for Chanel at Interview Magazine.

  • Yes, several asians wear straw hats while farming
  • Yes, several asians utilize a carrying rod.

However in New York City:-LRB-***)

  • No, asians don’t wear straw hats (using a Chanel logo) at Chinatown
  • Nor do they utilize carrying rods
  • indigenous individuals do not wear tabi (fur socks)
  • They have the highest rate of poverty in New York City
  • They’re victims of domestic violence and human trafficking
  • They reside in miniature flat, and are merely hoping to earn a dwelling


The pictures aren’t “cool” or “awesome.” They play upon stereotypes that are outdated that view asians hat peasants in the name of style.  

What is gained by such a shallow depiction?